Rabee Mershed Writes: The Sacrifices of Ignorance

We know that we may not offer or delay the references of this rigid, backward, brutal thought. But, at the same time, we cannot twist behind our worn-out names, our outdated beliefs and turn a blind eye to the major issues that penetrate us to the core. Those same issues that other societies have overcome … Read more

Rabee Mershed Writes: Hero and Falsehood

The heroism is one of the oldest terminology historically, since man’s self-awareness. It is one of the most regenerative issues to this day, but it changes with changes in time and space, the evolution of thought and inventions: from the stick to the sling, passing through the sword and ending with its fall with the … Read more

Rabee Mershed writes: How we shed their nobility

In my village, a vintage lane, lane houses smell like bitter coffee; One of them is my grandfather’s house. In those houses, guesthouse are still full of their warm voices. But not only that: the first guesthouse her door prays the heading for the pray direction, my grandfather’s guesthouse door hugs the sun, his neighbor’s … Read more

Sail Al-Kfiri writes: Hate speech from within (6)

Reference must be made to the efforts of some local, Arab and international organizations in combating hate speech: 1- Syrian Center for Information and Freedom of Expression, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (Mada ‘a), the Gulf Center for Human Rights (GCHR) and the Skills Foundation announced a founding statement for the establishment … Read more

Sail Al-Kfiri writes: Hate speech from within (5)

Ways of combating hate speech in Syria: 1. Raising awareness through hosting workshops for workers in the press and various media and training them on how to respond to hate speech and combat it and promoting moral and rational aspects of dealing with events, Working to strengthen the general national partnership, conducting local training courses … Read more

Sail Al-Kfiri writes: Hate speech from within (4)

There are four main factors that have contributed to fuelling and increasing hate speech: First: the international factor of competition and conflict over the region’s spheres of influence and wealth is led by two historical adversaries; Russia and America, with the media required to wash people’s brains around the clock as required by their interests. … Read more

Sail Al-Kafiri writes: Hate speech from within (3)

The tributaries of hate speech in the contemporary world: 1- The educational system as a competitive, hierarchical and market-related system in its ultimate policy of supply and demand to which scientific and human competencies as commodities are subjected This causes unconscious or conscious bottlenecks caused by individual differences that must be emptied and the individual … Read more

Sail Al-Kfiri writes: Hate speech from within (2)

We can find an important source of hatred among individuals, people and nations in general, namely, the manufacture, dissemination and marketing of hate speech among people by deep decision-making centers, regardless of its manifestations in international politics on the surface we see in media or other discourse. And that’s what world cinema talked about in … Read more