Sail Al-Kfiri writes: Hate speech from within (2)

We can find an important source of hatred among individuals, people and nations in general, namely, the manufacture, dissemination and marketing of hate speech among people by deep decision-making centers, regardless of its manifestations in international politics on the surface we see in media or other discourse. And that’s what world cinema talked about in the movie Hate, to name a few.
The arms trade is known to be one of the most important sources of financial incomes and the accumulation of wealth in the hands of those who manage it, and it is only constantly recovering from the world’s hotbeds of tension, turmoil and war. Here, an important paradox must be noted; How can the United Nations succeed in its efforts to combat hate speech when its decision makers are among the largest manufacturers and exporters of weapons?!

In this regard, Eric Froome stated in his book “The Sane Society”: “From the year 1500 BC until the year 1860 my birthday, at least 8,000 peace treaties have been signed, each of which is supposed to make lasting peace, but not lasting for more than two years.” * 1

(* 1 – Eric Fromme – Sane Society – p.141 – Ministry of Culture – Damascus – Translation by Mahmoud Muhammad al-Hashimi.).

Although there is no precise definition of hate speech, we can use the United Nations definition as follows: “Any type of communication – speech – writing – conduct – attacks, contempts or discriminates against the other on religious, ethnic, sexual, national, family or gender grounds, or any other identity factor.” .
Features of hate speech…

We can mention some of the characteristics of hate speech in the following:
Freud distinguishes between (initial child narcissism as a natural phenomenon similar to a child’s physiological and mental natural development and a later secondary narcissism that lasts to later ages, or accompanies one’s whole life. “, where this occurs if the developing child fails to develop the capacity for love, Or he suffered losing it again, and narcissism here is what every psychiatric condition is, and in a narcissistic person there is only one reality; is the reality of his mental processes, his feelings and his special needs, and the world abroad does not understand objectively, wiping away from his objective existence independent of mind.)) * 2
(* 2. Eric Fromme – previously mentioned – p. 141).

It is a civilized narcissism based on the complex of superiority, contempt and contempt of various others, and they live as a representative of a civilization, nationalism, race and religion… etc., to compensate for his deep, unconscious feeling of crush and loss of personal dignity before his masters, or before the general system that holds his soul, before God, or before nature.

Freud says in his book The Future of Illusion: “A person who belongs to a dystopian common people may be prey to all kinds of persecution and humiliation in his country, but in return he is a German citizen – or an American, or a French – who has his share of the task of controlling other States and dictating canons and laws, where he is compensated for by (right) to despise those who do not belong to his civilization for the injustice he suffers within his group).

The hatred begins in its way he deals with others from his unbalanced psychological world, hatred proceeds from his lack of acceptance of the idea that others have such rights to exist but possess ideas other than his own, a religion other than his own, a skin colour different from his own, and a language different from his own, as if the planet had found it. Irrationality is a form of disturbed thinking that results from the lack of understanding of life and its affairs on the one hand, and the inability to understand ourselves as well, Abicoros says in this regard: ((((People are not disturbed by things, but by their misconceptions about them)). The world, its details and its population become just an intellectual conception in someone’s mind.

One of the most important features of irrationality is its violation of the fundamental principles of reason, including:
For example, we can’t go from a private part to a public college; Like an Arab doing an outrageous job on the streets of London and concluding that all Arabs are terrorists. This is irrational. This is usually accompanied by an excessive interpretation that isn’t suitable for the event or speech.

(Two clean words)


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