Our Vision

 Syria is a pluralistic and democratic state of a civilian character, where law prevails, the judiciary is fully independent and governed by modern laws.

Our Targets

  • Promoting and protecting- human rights, monitoring and documenting violations, and raising society awareness of its rights.
  • Issuing papers and research studies relating to local laws and the Syrian Constitution and its glitches.
  • Promoting the values of  citizenship and good governance among all members of society.
  • Contributing to the accelerating of the development process and promoting civic behaviour among members of society.

Who are we

A group of activists who believe in the need for democratic change in Syria, we give the law top priority in our work because we believe that justice is the ideal value sought by people, which can only be achieved through modern laws, and the independence of the judiciary, taking into account also social justice and it’s necessity, and hence the role of the economy in international conflicts.

Balady defines itself as a civil society organization.  In it’s understanding of civil action, it is a work closely linked to politics and whose value lies in reacting results to their causes, highlighting the roots of the problems, the laws that produce them, and the powers that promote them, not the problems themselves.

Balady believes that civil action cannot be separated from political action, and that legal action can’t be afford to be ted or interpreted. So it actively seeks to support any change and works to help any effort in this context.