Sail Al-Kfiri writes: Hate speech from within (5)

Ways of combating hate speech in Syria:
1. Raising awareness through hosting workshops for workers in the press and various media and training them on how to respond to hate speech and combat it and promoting moral and rational aspects of dealing with events, Working to strengthen the general national partnership, conducting local training courses for parents, interested and students to improve their ability to read and receive the news objectively and rationally and away from prejudice and personal opinions, and the preparation of dedicated programmes in cooperation with the United Nations and community-based organizations.
2- Entrench the values of citizenship in educational curricula and the media and urge religious leaders to participate in the fight against hate speech in an unequivocal way, with the ability to observe places of worship (mosques, churches) without compromising the freedom to practise religious rites.
3- Administering the affairs of the State and society in accordance with institutions capable of achieving social, legal and political justice without discrimination among citizens in accordance with each other’s position on the governing political authority.
4- To hold accountable the perpetrators of war crimes by any party, in accordance with the legitimacy of humanity and the remedy of those physically, morally and materially affected by the crisis and its consequences, in order to alleviate the existing congestions among all communities.
5- Supporting any endeavour pursuing the principle of combating hate speech and coordinating all actors in this regard, and launching programmes of promotion awards for organizations and individuals active in society.
6- Work towards finding effective solutions to the problem of Syrian displaced persons and refugees in all parts of the world, in cooperation with the international community.
7- Raise the standard of living of citizens, most of whom are living below the poverty line and find sustainable solutions.
8- Promote and disseminate positive messages calling for community peace and tolerance to the media in general, and social media in particular.

(Two clean words)


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