Free workshop in Shahba city to learn beadwork on loom

Sponsored by #Balady organization.. Free workshop in the city of #Shahba to learn beadwork on loom. The workshop begins on the 15th of August and lasts for two months. The place will be determined later, and the work will be secured after the end of the workshop. Registration and Communication: 0947412072

Balady Organization joins the Syrian Culture Month initiative

In order to preserve the seeds of culture in the cradle of culture, and in an effort to restore the civilized role that Syria has played in the world and throughout history, Balady organization announces its joining the initiative of the Syrian Culture Month, which is scheduled to be implemented next August of this year … Read more

Applications open for the third session of the Abjad competition

With the support of some expatriates from the Suwayda governorate, and in order to contribute to the activation of the cultural landscape, Balady declares: Abjad Literary Creativity Competition _ 3rd Session/2022 In the following creative areas: I. Short story 2. Short film screenplay As follows: A- The participation of Syrians residing in Syria is accepted. … Read more

Shirein Abu Akli is a martyr, Shot by Israeli Occupying Forces

الكاريكاتير للرسام هاني عباس

On Wednesday morning, Israeli occupation soldiers targeted journalist Shirin Abu Akli with direct fire as she covered the invasion of the Jenin camp in the West Bank, killing her immediately. Although “Abu Akli” wore a helmet and a protective vest to indicate her work as a journalist, the occupation soldiers targeted her with direct bullets … Read more

Join the “Two Clean Words ” campaign to counter hate speech

Hate speech is a murder partner, may kill morally or physically, may kill your brother, sister, or son, may kill you. It is not enough not to participate in the manufacture and promotion of hate speech, but to confront it. With “Two clean words ” from you, “two clean words ” from me, “two clean … Read more

Announcing the results of the first round of the “Abjad” competition

The committee responsible for following up the literary competition received the results of the arbitration and evaluation of the professors specializing in the texts participating in the competition. After consulting the technical opinions and proposals of the members of the jury, the professors: (Riyad Duayaar, Farhan Redan, Jihad Aqil) Based on the results of the … Read more