Applications open for the third session of the Abjad competition

With the support of some expatriates from the Suwayda governorate, and in order to contribute to the activation of the cultural landscape, Balady declares:
Abjad Literary Creativity Competition _ 3rd Session/2022
In the following creative areas:
I. Short story
2. Short film screenplay

As follows:
A- The participation of Syrians residing in Syria is accepted.
B- Texts that have won other competitions shall not be accepted.
C- Previously published texts are not accepted: Whether it is a paper or electronic publication.
D- The contestant shall bear the legal consequences if it is established that his or her material is taken from others.
E- The participant is entitled to contribute to the competition in one area.
F- The text (story or screenplay) is sent anonymously (in a separate file).
G- The participant encloses in his letter another file a copy of his personal card and writes his name and the word: Balady/Story, or Balady/Screenplay (According to the Area Involved), then writes his participation address, phone and e-mail.
H- Texts are written in Traditional Arabic Type/16/and sent in WordPress format.
I- Literally materials are sent to email [email protected] the theme of the e-mail “Abjad Competition/Type of Participation”, e.g. “Abjad Competition/Short Story”.
J- Receipt of materials begins will begin on Saturday, 21 May 2022.
K- Deadline for submission of materials on Friday, July 1, 2022

L- Notes:
1. The screenplay of the film is written according to customary formats and not more than five pages.
2. After paying the prize for any winning text,Balady organization is entitled to publish or produce this text.
3. Non-eligible materials above shall be excluded from the competition without notifying the owners.
4. The winners of the last session of the competition are not entitled to participate in the same type of literature in which they participated and obtained one of the top three places.

M- Winners’ awards in any competition area as follows:
– The winner of the first place receives a cash prize of 250,000 Syrian pounds.
– The winner of the second place will receive a cash prize of 200,000 Syrian pounds.
– The winner of the third place receives a cash prize of 150,000 Syrian pounds.


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