The Concept of Hate Speech-Covering Conflict

Balady Organization in cooperation with Tolerance for Syria’s Future held a training in the governorate of Suwayda on “The concept of hate speech-covering the conflict”, the training lasted for two days, 30-31 July, with 15 journalists representatives of 9 media platforms operating in the governorate. In the course of training, participants learned about the methods of emerging hate speech and stereotypes of some in the governorates and their frequent media, the extent to which they affect conflict feeding, as well as the more balanced, impartial and sensitive ways of covering conflict, making journalistic content far from hate speech, and attendees agreed on a dictionary of terms under hate speech.

The training was also carried out in the governorate of Dara ‘a on 27-28 July 2021, with the participation of 15 journalists representatives of 5 media platforms operating in the governorate.


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