Common history between Dara ‘a and Suwayda governorates and hypersensitive cases

Balady Organization in cooperation with Tolerance for Syria’s Future held a training in the governorate of Suwayda on “The common history and hypersensitive cases of Dara ‘a and Suwayda governorates”; The training lasted for two days, 08-09 September, with the participation of 15 journalists representatives of 10 media platforms operating in the governorate. Participants learned during the training on the common history of the Dara ‘a and Suwayda governorates and a collection of historical stories that led to hate speech between them, Check the authenticity of those stories by reviewing more than one documentary source of the same story and the terminology leading to the hate speech that resulted from it that has been activated and used in the past 10 years. And to come up with some of the terms agreed upon during the hearings that fall under the item of hate speech. Journalists are also familiar with the background of the two governorates’ conflict and allergic terms.

The training was also carried out in Dara ‘a governorate on 25-26 September 2021, with 15 journalists representatives of 5 media platforms operating in the governorate.


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