Drawing for Nour Nasrallah

Mufaq Masood writes: Tale of the big snail to the little snail before bedtime

(Short story for young people 14-16/over the age of 85).


The snail was stretched with its mucous body to surround the shell of the small, which frightened the sounds of the night’s squeak and snake rustle on the leafy leaves, the young was grabbing his mobile and looking at a video of a penguin slapping another penguin by mistake… The little one laughed so much that his soft shell shook. Then the father removed the mobile from the hand of the small snail, whose warm sticky mucus had been removed from the intensity of the crying, saying in his warm affectionate voice: Oh, my son… Man is the only one who laughs because a penguin slapped another one by mistake.

The young’s sticky veins got reddish and  whispered with a choked voice


The father interrupted and followed with his brave voice:


Sarcasm, my son, is one of the mothers of knowledge, she was an obscene female of the first temple babes to ask.. She was shaking her buttocks in front of the God and then cursing him and leaving. Thousands of years later, knowledge became clawed. She locked her mother (Sarcasm) between holy thigh and called her a bitch. She/a prostitute is sacred/locked between the walls of paradox, which is knowingly laughable, while humans do not slap each other by mistake to laugh. They make death for them and for us… And so sarcasm is one of the mothers of knowledge,.. She was shaking her buttocks in front of the God and then cursing him and leaving after thousands of years.

Daddy stopped talking.

Peach with bashshashashashash

At this moment the little snail fell asleep once dreaming about sarcasm how to shake its buttocks on the drumbeat in front of the universe under the moonlight.




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